Scientology Promotes Drug-Free Living on Quebec National Day

The Church of Scientology of Quebec urged fellow Quebecois to Say NO to Drugs.

The Church of Scientology of Quebec urged their fellow Quebecois to Say NO to Drugs on Quebec National Day. This year marks the 401st anniversary of the City of Quebec and on June 23rd, the eve of Quebec National Day, young Scientologists kicked off the holiday by letting the youth of Quebec learn the truth about drugs.

According to the United Nations 2009 Drug Report, Canada is one of the top distributors and producers of synthetic drugs. This year there were 100,000 drug-related crimes in Canada, with marijuana, ecstasy, crystal meth and cocaine responsible for most of them.

Determined to do something about this and help their fellow Quebecois avoid the tragedy of drug abuse and addiction, a team of young Scientologists gathered to distribute anti-drug booklets to youth arriving at the Parc Plaines D’Abraham to enjoy the traditional concerts there on the eve of the holiday.

The booklets, produced by the Foundation for a Drug Free World, present the facts about drugs, to help youth make informed decisions about drugs.

Scientology churches around the world carry out grass roots activities o help youth make informed choices about drugs. For more information on the anti-drug program of the Church of Scientology visit the Scientology web site.